The popularity of online blackjack games keep rising by the day. One blackjack game in particular, is proving to be a favourite amongst high stakes casino gamblers. This blackjack game is by Evolution Gaming and goes by the title of Blackjack VIP B. As the title suggests, this is a blackjack for experienced and seasoned gamblers wishing to play a game of high stakes blackjack. You can learn more about this casino game from in this review.

High Betting Limits In Blackjack VIP B

While there are online blackjack casino games that come with low entry limits. Blackjack VIP B is one casino game with a minimum entry bet of £50. The betting limit of this blackjack game rises to as much as £5,000 per blackjack session.

With this high betting limit, this blackjack is exclusive to high rollers. Before placing your bets and starting off a game, you need to ensure that your betting sum is loose money.

Your betting sum should be an amount that will not live you in financial ruin. So players are advised to gamble responsibly even though there are high, progressive cash rewards bases on the value of your betting amount.

Some Blackjack Rules To Remember

The gaming rules of Blackjack VIP B is similar to most blackjack games. So if you are already used to playing brick and mortar or online blackjack games, then this one will not disappoint you. Here are some rules that you might be familiar with.

  • Players can “Double” on a couple of playing cards.
  • The live dealer will “Stand” on “17” (that is when the dealer’s card values amount to 17).
  • Dealers will “Draw” on “16”.
  • Players may “Split” a couple of cards with identical values.
  • Players can “Split” Aces with only a single card added to any split Ace.
  • There is no Re-Split.
  • “Double” is not allowed on any Split Hand.

Side Bets

There are side bets that players can play in the Blackjack VIP B game. You have Perfect Pairs as well as 21+3 side bets. With the Perfect Pairs side bet you can earn a 25 to 1 payout ratio. In addition to side bets, players can make use of a Bet Behind feature when there are no more available seats on a blackjack table. With the Bet Behind feature players can place their bets on the hand of players on a blackjack table. With this feature players can play a game of blackjack while not officially seated at a blackjack table.

To Sum Up

Blackjack VIP B is an online casino gambling game for high rollers. Bets range from £50 to £5,000 for main bets with players being able to place side bets such as Perfect Pairs and 21+3 as well. In all, this is one blackjack that is worth taking a chance on.

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