The most exclusive games developed by Evolution Gaming are here at Jackpot Paradise! Their Blackjack VIP D Live release is one exclusive blackjack game that is for the VIPs. This high-roller game has the highest betting option; even the minimum bet seems high. As a VIP player, you can place your main bet and also optional additional bets which Blackjack VIP D Live offers. The popularity of Blackjack game has increased widely and that too live casino games has seen a tremendous increase; that’s because of the software developers who bring the game live at user’s mobile/tablet/desktop.

Playing Blackjack VIP D Live with the dealer

Playing Blackjack VIP D Live with the dealer is quite simple and easy. The game rules are same as the 21 or the blackjack casino has. The live dealer has the shuffled set of cards in the rack which he draws after players placing the bets. In a live blackjack table, there can be numerous amounts of players and that won’t get into your mind or disturb you for sure. You will just deal with the live dealer as the game is between you and the live dealer.

Once player has placed the bets, the dealer draws two cards for you and for the dealer. The number cards maintain their value (2 to 10) and the face value cards like Kings, Queens, and Jacks have the value of 10. Ace is the card which has the value of either 1 or 11. It depends on the other card in hand. The player decides whether to stand or hit upon calculating the value of cards in hand.

In Blackjack VIP D Live, player can place side bets like 21+3, Perfect Pairs, and Bet Behind which can give them either winning or losing hand. Apart from these features, the player has an option of getting insurance which happens when the dealer’s faced up card is an Ace.

To Sum Up

Evolution Gaming gave their best to bring everything inside the game of Blackjack VIP D Live so that the gamers can experience a realistic gameplay. Table design, environment, noiseless background, clear HD visuals without any lag, and with professional dealers at the house gives this game a VIP slot.

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