The expectation of high stake in Blackjack VIP G Live from Evolution Gaming comes alive when the player takes the seat online at their studio. With high video quality and with mobile/tablet compatibility, the game looks amazing to play. It goes without saying when you have luxurious background and gorgeous play table view with professional dealer hosting the game. Multiple cameras takes the gameplay into a realistic game action and with close-up shots, one might think that they are seated at the land casino gaming table.

Playing Blackjack VIP G Live

Are you excited to play Blackjack VIP G Live online? For this you need to have a live casino account at Jackpot Paradise and also you should have the bankroll (at least with minimum betting amount). The minimum bet is £1,000 and the maximum is £5,000. Once you have the required minimum amount, you are all set to play playing Blackjack VIP G Live online. The rules of this game are same as the standard blackjack game. 8 decks of cards are shuffled randomly and kept aside by the dealer. Dealer then waits for the player to place their bets.

Accepted side bets

Following are the accepted side bets in Blackjack VIP G Live:

Pre-Decision – This side betting option makes the player feel excited in placing extra bets for a chance of winning. In a casino live table there are 7 players seated facing the dealer. Once the dealer deals the initial two cards, you have the option for pre-decision, where you can decide on the player next to you. You can decide whether to hit, stand, or double down for the player next to you.

Perfect Pairs and 21+3 – If the player has two identical cards like two Aces, two Kings, and so on, then that is called a perfect pair. Betting on perfect pair can pay the player ranging from 5:1 to 25:1. 21+3 is to make a 3 card hand with player’s first two cards and dealer’s upcard.

To Sum Up

Blackjack VIP G Live welcomes all the VIP players who have good bankroll. Playing Blackjack VIP G game at Jackpot Paradise is the perfect place to play since you can experience a word-class live gaming atmosphere here.

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