Blackjack VIP H Live has been developed and brought to you by Evolution Gaming. Like any other live blackjack game, it is a wonderful blend of fun and thrill. The rules that you get to see here are more or less same as the rules of standard blackjack rules. However, there are very minimal differences. Compared to other forms of online blackjack, this live game is extremely fast paced and the navigation is awesome. True to its endeavour to make some great casino games, Evolution Gaming has come up with this innovative venture and it is expected that players will like it very much.

Blackjack VIP H Live gives away a minimum bet of £250

The minimum betting amount that players can stake in Blackjack VIP H Live is £250. Based on the house rules, the dealer or the operator will decide on the maximum betting amount. While it may seem to be a bit exorbitant for beginners, the rewards that you can take home are quite high. One of the most popular gameplay options is the insurance bet. It helps you to stay secure against huge losses. Moreover, you can also opt for side bets in order to increase your stake if you are winning. Other popular options are the 21+3 bet, perfect pairs, and bet behind.

You start the game with a standard deck of eight cards. To begin with, the dealer will draw until 16 and then will stand on all the 17s. In the interim, the player will be able to double down on the initial deck of cards or he may also like to split as per the gaming strategies. In order to increase the chances of winning, a player can add a single card to the split Aces. Typically, the insurance payment is 2 to 1, while the blackjack payment is 3 to 2.

To add the attraction quotient for players, Blackjack VIP H Live is filled with innovative gameplay features like the multiplayer mode that enables you to see the different cards on the table. There is the multi-angle streaming feature where players get to view the most optimised view of the games table.

To Sum up

Blackjack VIP H Live is an ideal game for professionals who wish to win big and also feel the thrill of playing in a land based casino. The high betting amount makes it a bit tricky for newcomers who do not wish to shed extra money in the beginning.

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