Are you into Blackjack already or you a first timer? Evolution Gaming developers have made Blackjack VIP I Live for professional Blackjack players. If you love playing Blackjack games online with live dealer offering you the game, then Blackjack VIP I Live game is the one that is for you. There are 7 seats on each live table with a live dealer who behaves friendly and professional enough. Live dealer might please your eyes but when you look at the minimum bet, some might not feel that pleasing. However, when you have the returns higher than the bet amount, you won’t have any second thoughts for sure.

Discover Blackjack VIP I Live game

Standard Blackjack rules is what Blackjack VIP I Live game is all about. You need to choose the perfect pairing options. The game begins once you have taken the seat and placed your bet; side bets are done too in the form of “insurance”. Blackjack pays you 3:2 of the stake while the insurance pays 2:1 of the stake. The live dealer uses 8 standard decks of cards from which he/she draws the cards for players and for the dealer as well. If you have the perfect pair of cards and your cards stands out the highest (within 21 points), then you win the game.

Key features

When you look at the key features in Blackjack VIP I Live game, you will notice Bet Behind, Perfect Pairs and 21+3 Side Bets, and Pre-Decision as the key features of this game.

  • Bet Behind – Bet behind is an option for players to bet behind while they wait for other players to place their bet. Main player can bet behind another player’s seat and the winning streak is rewarded with a gold medal.
  • Perfect Pairs and 21+3 Side Bets – If the player chooses the betting option as Perfect Pairs, then if the first two cards during the deal make up Perfect Pairs, mixed, or coloured. But what if the player chooses 21+3 Side Bets? The player’s winning combination depends on the first two cards of the player’s and also on the open card that the dealer has.
  • Pre-Decision – In Pre-Decision, without the wait for the turn, a player can take a decision of whether to Hit, Stand, Split or Double Down.

To Sum Up

With standard blackjack rules and with innovative betting options, Blackjack VIP I Live game is delightful and thrilling as well! This game can be played on tablets and mobiles that makes the gaming experience quite pleasing.

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