The game of blackjack is played with four standard 52-card decks, which are shuffled before dealing to players. This game requires players to have a higher value hand then the dealer. The dealer may also go bust when their hand exceeds a value higher than 21.

How to Play Blackjack

Split – A player can choose split-play when two cards have the same denomination.
Double-Down – This option is only available on the first two cards following a split.
Side Bets – This is a form of insurance that is available in the event the dealer gets blackjack.
Surrender – Players are not permitted to surrender
Dealers can check a card that is face down when there is a face-card, 10-card, or ace.
The dealer will stand when their hand has a worth of 17.
Players can select chip sizes using the “-” and “+” keys.
Cards debt to the players and the dealer are two at a time, one face up and the other face down.
Players can choose how to proceed after the cards have been dealt.

Features of Blackjack

Hit – Ask for another card.
Stand – No more cards are received.
Split – Playing two hands at the same time. This can only be done three times during a game.
Splits do not apply to aces. Aces will receive another card when a stand occurs.
Double-Down – Placing a side bet when a player thinks the next card will be a winner. Players are able to double-down on just the first two cards. The hand stands after the next card is received. Players may only double-down on the first two cards received after a split.

Take Insurance – A player can place a side bet against blackjack if the dealer has an ace showing. If the player takes insurance, then it will be half of their original bet. Insurance fees are taken with the dealer does not get blackjack. The payout will be 2:1, if the dealer hits blackjack.
Push – The player’s hand and the dealer’s hands are the same. The bet is returned to the player.

Game Play

Blackjack – This is the strongest hand of the game and will automatically stand. No other hands beat a hand with blackjack. Matching is possible, which will result in a push.
Face Cards – The Jack, Queen, and King have a value of 10.
Ace – This card can have a value of 1 or 11.
The player and dealer can have no more than 11 cards per hand. The hand will stand if any player has a total of 11 cards with a value under 21. If a hand with 11 cards has a value of 21, then this is blackjack.
Checking – The dealer can check a face down card when the other card is a 10-value card or an ace.
All games will be canceled when a malfunction occurs.

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