Bobby 7’s

Bobby 7’s has 5 reels and 25 pay ways as well as extra features, including bonus and free spins. The return for this game is quite big, as much as 95.15 % on average. How much a player earns is proportional to the winning combo type he gets.

How to play Bobby 7’s

Spin is used to spin the reels.
The keys +and – next to the bet and lines field are used for bet and pay way adjustments.
The bet max keys are used to place the bet and pay ways to their maximum.
Autoplay allows the player to play a number of games, five hundred at most, automatically.
Display shows how much a player has, how much he has staked on every pay way, how many pay ways he has chosen, how much he has won in each spin, and his whole betting amount staked.

Features of Bobby 7’s


In case a player wants to gamble his winnings, he can do that for five times maximum, by clicking on the gamble button and then choosing either colour, that will get him an increase of 200%, or suit, which will bring him an increase of 400%. This feature is activated with any winning, but it cannot be triggered if the amount of the winning is higher than the gambling limit.

Judge 7

This feature is triggered when judges 7 are displayed across the second, third and fourth reels simultaneously. The gavel is slammed down, five times at most, which will bring a multiplier, equal to how many times the gavel slammed down.

Police 7 hi/lo

This feature is triggered when three police 7 are found on the first, second and third reels simultaneously. The player predicts the following number, by clicking hi- higher number, or lo- lower number. If right, he goes up the ladder. If wrong, the game ends and he earns the prize found on the cash ladder.

Crook 7

This feature is triggered when crooks 7 are displayed on the third, fourth and fifth reels simultaneously. The player then chooses one of those three crooks 7. The loot in his bag is the prize for the player.

Free Games

This feature is triggered when three thieves are displayed across the first, third and fifth reels. The betting amount gets doubled immediately. The player then needs to choose one of the thieves hiding free spins. The winnings while in the free spin mode are doubled.
It is possible to retrigger this feature while in the player is using it.
The betting/ pay way rules valid for the triggering spin apply here as well.

Rules of the Game

A player receives the highest payout of the payline, if there are several winning strings. This rule does not apply for the scattered winnings.
Regular winnings are determined by multiplying the amount won with the amount placed on each payline.
Scattered winnings are determined by multiplying the amount staked with the type of the symbols found in the winning string.
Bonus and scattered winnings are combined with the regular winnings.
Crook 7, Judge 7, Police and Thief are the only ones that don’t follow left-right rule.
Bobby is the wild symbol, used to replace all the others except for the Crook 7, Judge 7, Police and Thief.
In case of technical issues, games and payouts are cancelled.

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