Boom Pirates focuses on the humorous front of the pirate niche and gives a great experience to the players. It can be found at Jackpot Paradise. 

Game features

With Boom Pirates, Net Entertainment marks another milestone as this game aptly depicted adventures of the pirates in an uncommon theme along with cartoon-style or animated graphic design. The unique layout and engaging theme only add to the fun in playing the game. 

The action-filled format of the game has a video slot containing 5 reels and 4 rows. However, an important thing to note here is that this number of reels and rows can be increased by several methods if the player wishes to do so. The reels can expand from 5 to 9 whereas the rows can expand up to 6. As a result, the paylines also witness a significant increment, that is – from 1024 in the first scenario to more than ten million in the second one. 

Special features 

New and innovative features are a part of Boom Pirates which can be described as below : 

  • Wonder Ways – As stated earlier, the feature that enables the player to increase the size of the slot by adding extra reels and rows is termed as ‘Wonderways’. A massive grid of 9X6 can be unlocked this way, which also boosts the chances of winning. Whenever the player desires to expand the board, he can enable this feature which shoots cannonballs at the slot thereby, adding the required number of places in each reel. 
  • Foxify – Another distinctive feature of the game is called ‘Foxify’. Although it can be availed only in the base game, it is highly sought after. When enabled, this feature adds a dash of bet by doubling the previous/existing amount.

Bonus features

Quite similar to the special features, two major bonus features are also a part of this game. They are elaborated as under:

  • Free spins – The availability of additional spins in any game are quite common, and so is the case with Boom Pirates. Two Scatter cards containing the words Yo and Ho are present in the format. When the player obtains a minimum of three of them anywhere on the first, third and fifth reels, 10 free spins can be achieved. Those free spins are played on the larger grid of 6X9. 
  • Swashbuckling attack – When the player loses a string of spins consecutively, Captain Mary swings onto the grid and changes a few symbols, which lead to the formation of a winning combination containing 5 similar cards in a row. 


Boom Pirates surely stands out from its counterparts in terms of presentations and volatility, which makes it exciting to the players. 

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