Booty Time

Booty Time’s a slot game enhanced with an additional bonus game called free spins, next to 5 reels, 250 coin slots, scattered and wild, multiplier symbols. The aim is to get the winning combo on one out of 25 pay ways that the player can (de)select. How much a player earns depends on how much the symbols found in the winning combo are worth.

How to play Booty Time

Lines is used to set the amount of paylines.
Coins is used to raise the bet amount.
-and+ are used to set the bet amount.
Bet max is used to set the bet amount to its limit.
Spin is used to spin the reels.
Win is used to display the amount you have won from the winning string that is highlighted across the spinning reels.
Autoplay, available only in the expert mode, is used to preset a number of plays to be played automatically. The player presets the number. Some casinos do not allow this number to be preset. Instead they use the stop button, used after the Autoplay has been activated.
Statistics display the data that’s valid only for the current game.

Features of Booty Time

Free Spins

This feature is triggered when three chests are displayed on the first, second and third reels. The player is rewarded with three additional spins that he can play for free as well as a multiplier, which will double the winnings. He then selects different objects, each hiding either free spins or multipliers.
The betting/ pay way rules that apply here are identical to the rules of the spin that activated this feature.
This feature can be restarted while the player is in the free spin mode, allowing the player to earn more free spins, which are then combined with the remaining ones.

Booty Time

As a wild symbol, it is used to replace all the others, but for the scattered one. It also acts as a multiplier, doubling the payout, provided that it is used as a wild symbol in the winning combo.
It can also form the winning string by itself, provided more than one of them are displayed. But, there’s no doubling of the payout for this type of winning combo.


This is a scattered symbol that can form the winning combo, provided minimum three of them are found on the reels. It also serves as a free spin mode activator, provided three of them are displayed on the first, second and third reels.
It cannot be substituted with the wild, multiplier.

Rules of the Game

Ten coins are allowed to be placed on each pay way at most.
The highest winning on every payline is paid, aside from the winnings that are considered scattered, which are also the only ones that don’t follow left-right rule, but can pay in any direction.
Scattered winnings are obtained when the value of the scattered string type is multiplied with the entire amount placed as the regular bet.
Regular winnings are determined by multiplying the amount won with the amount placed on each pay way.
Scattered winnings are adjoined to the regular winnings.
How many credits a player gets is based on the amount of won coins that is multiplied with the selected size of the coins.
Site problems may result in game cancellation.

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