p align=”justify”>Boss the Lotto is a completely fun-filled and exciting slot game that ensures a win with a huge sum of money to the players. The slot game is known to offer big rewards to the players throughout the gameplay. Also, the slot game offers a true entertainment to the players. This slot game is a treat for the players who love lottery games.

About the Developer

Boss the Lotto is developed by Gamevy. The developers have amazingly worked on the weak points of the lottery games and have presented an enthralling and entertaining lottery game to the lottery lovers. This lottery game offers big cash to the players and that too, in a hassle-free and exciting game.

About the Game

Boss the Lotto is all about choosing lottery balls. If the player is lucky, the balls will shower him with a lot of cash. The gameplay is quite easy; you just need to keep on choosing good balls and adding cash to your bank balance. But, the only trouble is the bad balls.
Boss the Lotto lottery game will offer your forty-nine balls in different colours. Out of them, six balls will be true spoilers that have the capability to ruin your game and all your dreams of winning big cash prizes. The other forty-three balls are the good balls. The goods balls bear the currency sign and revolve. Black coloured balls are the bad balls. If a player happens to pick a bad ball, all the other locations of the bad balls are then displayed. A player can only win the big jackpot if he chooses all the good balls.

The player needs to place the bet by picking up the minimum coin size of £2. With each bet, the payouts are given. The wins are decided by the number of good balls the player has picked.

The bad balls though ruin the game but, if the player had also collected a decent number of good balls, he will be given the payouts.

The graphics of Boss the Lotto are quite enthralling and exhilarating. The developer has truly done an amazing job in this respect. The gameplay gives the feel that you are playing a traditional lottery game in front of a real lottery machine and not just an online version.


Boss the Lotto is one of the most engaging lottery games of all times. Lottery games are always fun but, this one is one of the most amazing games of all.

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