Bunny Boiler

Bunny Boiler offers an instant winning to every player. All he needs to do is move throughout the board by rolling the dice. The aim is to find, i.e. land, on the symbols which bring payout. The player can earn just 1 payout from each card, regardless of how many winning combos there are.

How to Play Bunny Boiler

Down and Up buttons adjust the betting amount in credits.
New card button displays the new card.
Rolling the dice is used by clicking onto the roll dice field. The player uses this field six times at most.
The payout is made after rolling the dice for 6 times, or after finding the card of death. How much he earns is dependent on the last prize.

Features of Bunny Boiler


The player gets the prize if he stands or passes this symbol.


This symbol means either en extra dice rolling, provided the player survives, or getting the last win that the player passed across the board.


The player rolls the die one more time, if he stands on this symbol. This rule applies only if he hasn’t exceeded the limit for rolling the dice.

Rules of the Game

Betting is done solely one 1 card at the time.
In case of malfunction, the games are cancelled.
The amount that the player wins is based onto the last winning.
Only one winning string is paid for every card, regardless of the number of winning strings on that card.
The payouts are not paid in coins but in credits.
The amount of credits won is equal to the betting amount multiplied with the multiplier won.

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