Call of the Colosseum

This five reel stop game is equipped with two additional features, called gambling and free spins to enable the player reach a 95.26% return on average. The aim of Call of the Colosseum is to get that lucky winning combo on one of the pay ways. The money that the player earns is directly linked to a type of the symbols found in the winning combo.

How to Play Call of the Colosseum

+ and – are used to adjust the betting amount.
+and – are used to adjust the number of pay ways. Line tag field is also used to select the number of pay ways for the game.
Bet Max is used to set the betting amount and pay way number to their maximum automatically.
Spin is used to start the game and spin the reels.
Win is used to display how many coins have been won.
Statistics display the data for the current game, such as balance, the number of paylines, winnings per spin, and entire wager.
Autoplay is used to preset a number of games that a player wishes to play automatically. This number can be up to 500 rounds per game.

Features of Call of the Colosseum


This feature allows a player to double his winnings, provided that he predicted the right color, or to quadruple them, provided he predicted the right suit. This feature is triggered by any winning and it does not have to be played.
A player can use this feature 5 times for one game maximum.

Free Games

This feature is triggered when the player gets 3+ shields. The player is then rewarded with ten spins free of charge throughout which all the winnings are doubled.
The emperor with the thumbs up rewards the player with three extra spins at most free of charge.
The betting and pay way rules applying to the triggering spin are valid here as well.
This feature cannot be restarted while the player is using it.

Rules of the Game

The only symbol that does not have to follow left-right rule is the scattered shield.
The emperor, found only on the second, third and fourth reels, replaces all symbols, but for the scattered symbol.
25 pay ways can be selected at most.
A player receives a payout that is the highest on every pay-way, aside from the winnings that are considered scattered.
Regular winnings are determined by multiplying the amount won with the amount staked on each payline.
Scattered winnings are determined through a multiplication of the type of the winning string and the entire bet amount. They are, together with the bonus winnings, combined with the regular winnings.

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