Set within an ancient and wild world, the theme of Cashed In Stone gives a tour of the prehistoric times to its players. 

Game features

The most prominent feature of the game is definitely the layout. It can be considered as a replication of the Jurassic times – where cavemen and dinosaurs had to co-exist. That can be stated as the reason behind a cute caveman being the mascot of the game. He adds a sense of humour to the overall environment. 

The rolling hills in the backdrop are pleasant to the viewers. The format includes 6 reels and 4 rows which lead to around 4096 different ways of winning at the game. The symbols vary from the truly basic ones of the letter A to prehistoric affiliations like a stone axe, a bone with meat, a necklace and others. 

Special features

The logo of the game can be considered as one of the most important features because of its power. Merely two slots filled the logo are required to take the stakes up to as high as 40 times the current one. The Wild symbol can substitute the regular ones to round off the payouts which is what makes it another important special feature. 

The Big Money Wheel is another special feature which gives high returns in terms of spins and multiplier depending upon what the arrow lands on. The total bet is multiplied by a certain number of times on the basis of the segment of the wheel landed on. Those multipliers have an option from 1X up to 5X. The second level Spin wheel has the same rules but the multipliers increase in that one. 

Bonus features

Reel modifiers, free spins and more scatter rounds club together to form the bonus features. They can be elaborated as under : 

  • Stacking Wilds – Any number of reels can be turned into Wild; these are removed along with the cascade if used as the part of a winning combination.
  • Smashing Wilds – The symbols are bashed by the Cavemen, which results in them turning Wild.
  • Multiplying Times – A win multiplier is displayed which leads to an increase in the winning cascade for a solo spin.
  • Cashing Drop – One randomly selected symbol is dropped in the game with a magnified size of 3X3.


Cashed In Stone is an apt game for anyone looking for something unique as the theme cannot be found everywhere. Interesting reel modifiers only add to the reasons behind this game’s popularity. 

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