Casino Hold’em Live is an online poker game developed by Evolution Gaming. Evolution Gaming created it to attract casual and professional poker players alike to their live stream online casinos. Designed for both desktop and mobile play, Casino Hold’em Live is fast becoming a favourite of many poker players worldwide. Read on to know what to expect from this online casino poker game.

Casino Hold’em Live From Riga

Casino Hold’em Live is streamed from Evolution Gaming live studios located in Riga, the capital of Latvia. This poker game is played using just one deck of standard playing cards that are shuffled at the beginning of every hand. The live streaming of a poker game is done in HD and games are played on branded poker tables in the live studio located in Riga.

The live streaming is crisp, sharp and seamless. Players will also be impressed by the intuitive and user-friendly gaming interface on offer. The mainly female live croupiers are friendly, courteous and professional to give you a wonderful playing experience.

Learn To Play Online Poker

The first thing you need to know is that the tables for Casino Hold’em Live online poker can cater for a large number of players. A seat on the table will be given per poker player and every player participates in a game by placing an “Ante Bet”.

By placing this bet, a player is dealt a couple of upward facing cards. In addition, there are a total of 3 upward facing community cards that are also drawn. A player can either “Call” or “Fold”. The “Call Bet” is typically twice the “Ante Bet”. The other cards are then drawn and victory is achieved where a player has a stronger hand than that of the dealer.

Casino Hold’em Live Payouts

To be eligible for a “Call Bet” a dealer will need to have a hand with at least a couple of “4s”. Where a dealer is not eligible for a “Call Bet”, the player will emerge victoriously. The payouts for really strong hands can be as much as 100 to 1 while even money is paid for hands with straight or something less.

It is possible to earn a chance to place a bonus bet when you place an “Ante Bet”. If the initial five cards dealt to a player comprises of a couple of Aces or stronger, that player will earn a payout. The bonus payout comes with a minimum of 7:1 while 100:1 is the maximum of the bonus payout.

To Sum Up

Casino Hold’em Live is a fun playing live video poker game for professional and casual poker players. The graphics, animation, user interface and sound effects of this poker game are pretty attractive as are the female croupiers.

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