Roulette is a very interesting game that has captivated gamers for generations. Despite it having one of the highest house edges in the casino gaming world, it has a steady stream of adherent fans. Roulette is unique in the world of casino gaming because it doesn’t involve card and decks. It is unique in all respects. This allure of uniqueness could be what draws players to this awesome game.

About the Developer of Classic Roulette

NetEnt has churned out quality games on a consistent basis for the best part of two decades. This developer is based in Stockholm and has not relented in providing the gaming world with the best it has to offer. It became publicly listed on the NASDAQ Stockholm OMX in 2007 and has been witnessing a steady rise in price of its shares ever since. There is no doubt that Classic Roulette is another awesome creation from the works of this developer.

About the Game

Classic Roulette is an online live game. What this means is that this game seeks to transport the gaming experience of land-based casinos to the internet.

In this, there is a real croupier that spins the wheels. This means that a random number generator or similar technology does not determine your wins. Rather, centrifugal forces and pure luck determine your fate in the game.

You have the opportunity to interact with other players using the chat feature. This provides an avenue for interaction among the players. With the chat feature, you can effectively notice the individual outburst of players when they win or lose.

This sort of recreates the land-based experience and is an additional source of fun in the gameplay.

The gameplay is the same as the gameplay in the typical game of roulette. Your wish/aspiration is for the Roulette wheel to select the number you placed your bet on.

The roulette wheel has numbers from 0 to 36 on it. After placing your bet on any of the numbers in the internal or external betting area, the croupier spins the wheel. If the wheel selects your number, then you have won and would be paid out by the casino.


Classic Roulette is a work of genius from the works of NetEnt. It effectively transfers the land-based experience to the internet.

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