Couch Potato

The main goal of Couch Potato is to win that lucky combo on the pay way by using 3 coin slots and spinning 3 reels. The player can end up winning 15000 at most, thanks to the wild multiplied symbol. The amount that the player wins will be directly linked on the symbol types that form the winning combo.

How to Play Couch Potato

A player uses the spin to start the game.
A player uses -and+ keys to set the coin size.
A player uses the paytable to set the betting amount.
A player uses the bet one to raise the amount for betting.
A player uses max bet to adjust the betting amount to its maximum.
A player uses Autoplay to preset a series of games to be played automatically. This option is only available in expert mode.
The winning combos are highlighted throughout the reels, and their value is seen in the win box.
Statistics show the info regarding the current game that the player is playing. They are reset after exiting the game.

Features of Couch Potato

Couch Potato

As a wild symbol, it replaces all others. As a multiplier, it quadruples the winning combo when it is used as a replacement. In case 2 couch potatoes are used as replacement in the winning combo, then the x25 multiplier is used.
It can also form the winning string by itself, when more than one of them are displayed on the pay way, but this time, there’s no multiplier.

Rules of the Game

A player can stake 3 coins maximum for each spin.
The player receives the winnings only from the highest paying string for each pay way.
All of the symbols need to be on the pay way, ordered in a line, and starting from the 1st reel, in order to be able to form the winning string.
The pay tables show how much a player has won from every string, which is directly linked to the amount that the player staked.
The player receives his earnings in coins.
Pay way wins are determined through a multiplication of the amount that the player wins with the amount that he wagers on every pay way.
Technical issues with the site null the games.

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