Crazy Chameleons

This 5-reel game is equipped with 5 coin slots and just as many 5 pay ways as well as one wile symbol that can replace all the others. The aim of Crazy Chameleons is to get the winning combo across one of the pay ways which will result in a payout. How much the player wins is proportional to the symbol type found in the winning combo.

How to Play Crazy Chameleons

Spin sets the reels in motion and starts the game.
-and+ keys are used to set the size of the coins.
-and+ keys next to the coin button are used to set the number of coins that a player wishes to bet.
A line number field selects the number of paylines for a game. A select lines field increases this number.
Bet max sets the betting amount to its maximum automatically.
A winning string can be seen across the reels and it is highlighted.
Win field shows how much a player has won.
Paytable shows how much a player has won per a winning string.
Statistics display the data for the current game.
Autoplay is available in some casinos, provided that they have an expert mode. Autoplay is used to preset a number of games that a player wishes to play automatically. For some casinos, this number cannot be preset, but the player has the right to spin the reels until he presses the stop button.

Features of Crazy Chameleons


As a replacement symbol, it substitutes all the others in order to finish the winning combo.

Rules of the Game

A player can wager just one coin for every pay way.
Pay way wins are determined by multiplying the amount that the player wins with the amount that he stakes on every pay way.
The games are cancelled in case of malfunction.
The symbols have to follow the left-right rule or right-left rule, i.e. start from the first or fifth reel and be on the pay way.
The highest winning on every pay way is paid.
The earnings that the player receives are in coins.
How many credits a player gets is based on the amount of won coins that is multiplied with the selected size of the coins.

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