Crown and Anchor

The aim of this standard board game is to match the symbols of the dice with the one on the betting board. The player has to bet on the symbol he thinks the dice will show. The available symbols are anchor and crown, spade, diamond, club and heart. Crown and Anchor allows the payer to choose more than one symbols for betting.

How to play Crown and Anchor

Anchor, spade, crown, diamond, heart and club are the symbols that a player can choose from.
Chip field sets the chip size for the game.
By clicking on the betting position found on the paytable, the player places his bet.
Shift key removes a bet. Pressing it and clicking on the desired bet will remove it.
Clear clears all the placed bets from the table.
Repeat places the identical bet to the ones used the precious play.
Play rolls the dice, three of them.
Win field shows the player’s earnings.
The winnings are highlighted throughout the playing area.
3 daubers are displayed across the winning bets.

Features of Crown and Anchor


This option is used when a player wishes to play a set of games automatically. He needs to set the betting amount prior to using this option.

Rules of the Game

Every game is equipped with 3 dice.
A player needs to predict what symbol will appear on the dice and place his bet on the betting board.
There is a possibility of selecting several symbols in one game.
The player gets paid in credits.
In case of technical issues with the site, the games are cancelled.
The amount of daubers the player places on every winning position depend on how many matching symbols there are.
The face-up-dice that show up at the end influence the total winnings.
In case of malfunction, all payouts and games are cancelled.
One matching symbol pays at the odds of 1:1, two at the odds of 2:1 and three at the odds of 3:1.
The dice facing up which is shown at the very end of playing influences the entire winning amount that the player can get.

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