Dawn of the Bread

As an instant winning card play, Dawn of the Bread allows the player to earn some money by matching 3 symbols which are hidden behind the panels, 9 in total. The player earns the winnings only from one string for each card.

How to Play Dawn of the Bread

New card button displays the new card.
Down and Up buttons adjust the betting amount in credits.
Scratch button uncovers the symbols.
Reveal all uncovers all of the symbols
Three matching symbols result in a payout that’s shown in the win field.
The winning symbols determine the amount won.
The multiplier uncovered multiplies the whole staked amount.

Rules of the Game

Betting is done only on 1 card at the time.
3 matching symbols form a winning combo.
The highest combo per card is paid only.
The whole amount that the player stakes gets multiplied by the uncovered multiplier in order to determine how much the player has won.
The player receives his earnings in credits.
The entire amount in credits that the player wins is proportional to the selected betting amount which is multiplied with the uncovered multiplier.
If there are problems with the site, the games will be cancelled.

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