For those players who love shining and sparkly things, gamevy has introduced Diamond deal, a fascinating line-up with the capability of ornamenting you like a prince or princess. All that needs to be done is locate the diamonds on the screen. While playing diamond deal you will feel like a participant in a game show, but tolerate it as it could earn you some nice cash prizes with the help of your firm determination.

About Developer

Gamevy has developed and designed this scratch card game. Gamevy is a licensed, award-winning operator and supplier which produces high-quality real money games. Gamevy provides the players with a combination of luck and skill with improvised game show inspired-mechanics.

About Game

Diamond deal is designed in a 3D virtual reality graphics which will give you a feeling of an alternate world that is different from ours. Inside a grid of 5×10, there are rows of boxes decorated with jewels: nearly 10 diamonds are hidden in these sparkling containers.
When a box is selected of your choice, the front will vanish and the interior is illuminated by light. Although, the light sparkles up on the diamond and then it becomes amplified on the screen and adding extra coins to the total. When the gems are located, you get a great feeling of victory, which in turn urges you to find more of them – while playing with gamevy, diamonds aren’t favourites for just girls.

Diamond deal combines console elements into this action, which implies that there are limited number of opportunities before the GAME OVER. In total, there are four chances which begin as shining white lights, the light converts into black when an empty box is selected, and you are brought back to the beginning if all four turn black.

The final sum to be earned as a jackpot is decided partly by you because of the primary stake; ranging from 1 or 10. You will play for a 100,000 jackpot at a minimum and at a life-changing jackpot of 1,000,000 coins at the top end. Apart from the only key you see first when the game starts is the QUICK PICK option, which does all the work of searching for you. After finding a diamond, the CASH OUT feature appears below the newly located gem.


Diamond Deal offers you great chances of winning cash prizes. Due to the combination of scratch card machine and an instant win, this scratch card game is perfect to play.

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