Doctor Love on Vacation

Doctor Love on Vacation’s main goal is to get the winning combo on one of the pay ways by spinning 5 reels. As this slot game is equipped with additional features, including free spins and gambling, every player can earn some extra cash, as the return is 95.43% on average. How much he earns is based on how much he stakes and the type of the winning combo he gets.

How to Play Doctor Love on Vacation

Display shows the information for the game, such as how much the player has staked in total, how much he has won for each spin, how many pay ways he has selected, how much he has stakes on each pay way and how much money he has in total.
-and+ keys next to the lines field set the amount of pay ways for the game. The line tag key sets the pay ways as well.
-and+ keys next to the bet field set the bet amount.
Max bet keys next to the lines and bet fields set the betting amount and pay ways to their maximum.
Autoplay button sets a sequence of games to be played automatically, eliminating the need of interacting with the software. The sequence of games can be anywhere from 5 to 500. The player chooses how many games he wishes to play.

Features of Doctor Love on Vacation


If a player wishes to gamble his winnings, he can do it by selecting the gamble button and then choosing either the colour, which will double the winnings, or the suit, which will quadruple the winnings, provided that his choice was right. This rule does not apply to jackpot winnings which are progressive, and it can be used only for five times during one game.

Free Games

This feature is triggered when 3+ surfboards are scattered across the reels. The player is then rewarded with four games, i.e. spins, for every surfboard found in the triggering spin. Throughout free games mode, the winning are three times worthier than in the regular mode.
This feature can be restarted while the player is using it.
The betting/ pay way rules that apply here are identical to the ones of the triggering spin.

Rules of the Game

20 pay ways can be selected at most.
The scattered symbol of surfboard can pay in any direction. All others follow the left-right rule.
The surfboard can be found anywhere across the reels. The others need to be lined up in a row across the chosen pay way.
The wild symbol, Doctor Love, cannot replace the surfboard.
The wild symbol acts as a multiplier, doubling the winning combo, provided that it was used as a wild symbol in that combo.
A payer gets only the highest amount, in case there are multiple winning on a payline.
Regular winnings are determined through a multiplication of the credit amount won and credit amount staked on each payline.
The amount won from the scattered symbol string is multiplied with the amount placed as a regular bet in order to determine the scattered winnings.
Scattered and regular winnings are grouped together.
The games and pays will be cancelled, in case of malfunction.

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