The gold version of Blackjack has been well appreciated and Double Exposure Gold takes players gaming experience to a higher level. It offers user-friendly features and also has quality enriched graphics for players to indulge in. It lets you enjoy the feel of classic blackjack in a well-developed table which is easy to understand.

The standard rules of Blackjack remain the same and if you enjoy the thrill and excitement of the most popular table game then you are sure to enjoy this version of it too. This is an engaging version of Blackjack that features the best giving more chances for players to win high rewards. The rules may slightly vary from the classic blackjack but only to make it better and delighting for players to indulge in.

More on the developer of Double Exposure Gold

This exciting gold version of Blackjack has been developed by Microgaming which has always been known for the wonderful casino games they develop. They are also one of the oldest game developers in the gaming industry and have established themselves as one of the best. The games that are created by them are much awaited and have an edge that marks the difference each time.

How to play

Everything is the same; the gameplay is like that of the classic blackjack where players and the dealer are given two cards each to deal with. The main difference is that here the dealer’s cards are also placed face up which helps the player an edge in the game. Once you receive the cards, you are to decide if you want to hit, stand or double. In double exposure gold, players can split only once and in the case of a tie, the dealer will win except for a blackjack tie in which the player will take away the win. Double Exposure Gold is more interesting also because of the features that it displays which keeps players entertained. This online version of blackjack is sure to let you experience the fun of casinos at the comfort of your home.


Double Exposure Gold is one of the most beautiful creations of Microgaming with added features for players to enjoy. It has wonderful graphics and soothing colors to keep players engaged and entertained throughout. Play this exciting table game at Jackpot Paradise Casino in free or real money mode and let the good times begin.

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