DoublePlay SuperBet is quite a weird title, Yes. But definitely in a goodway. Because it flaunts what this game is actually about in the title thus giving the players a clean picture as to what they probably should expect from this game. This game is all about the bonus features especially those two on the title. The double play and Superbet features combine to give this game great winning combinations that let you win money multiple times your bet. So, if you are looking to make some quick money through playing some slot games,then this is the game for you.

Win big with this one ll

DoublePlay SuperBet is not about the theme or the graphics or the ambience the game creates. Rather it is all about winning and winning big. In this game you have to bet big to win big. But that is no cause for worry here. Cause once you activate either of DoublePlay or SuperBet you can be sure that there is a big win around the corner. That is what is cool about this game.There is risk but it is not forced upon the player. It can be avoided if you don’t wanna take it.

Gameplay :

DoublePlay SuperBet is 5 Reel and 25 Payline game. The range of betting is quite large and varies according to the features you wanna make active. The slot is said to be a little volatile but that is understandable considering its payout options. The game let’s you win a incredible amount of 225,000£. The lure of such money is bound to keep anybody playing this game. Also, the house edge is not bad at 4.95%.

But as said before DoublePlay SuperBet is all about the features mentioned in the title. So what do they actually do?

DoublePlay basically serves as a way to increase the multiplier on the wilds. You get the chance to either choose 3x,6x or 9x. And these multipliers actually double on free spin rounds.

Superbet is feature in which you pay a little extra to have the multiplier wilds on the reels. You can choose the number of reels in which you want the wilds to be on and pay accordingly.

Definitely bet on this one!!

If winning big is what you play slot games for, then this is the perfect game for you. The bonus features work nicely to form great winning combinations letting you win some large payouts. So, do not hesitate and plunge into this game to win big!!

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