Double Poker

The aim of the Double Poker is to have a stronger hand than that of the dealer’s. Played using one standard pack of cards, this poker game is enhanced with an extra feature, double, which helps the player earn 4000 coins at most. The highest hands include four aces, four twos, threes or fours and four fives etc. to kings.

How to Play Double Poker

The size of the coins is decided using down and up keys.
The betting amount is set using the paytable.
Pressing deal will provide the player with 5 cards.
The player needs to make the decision of which cards he wishes to hold. This is done by clicking on them.
Draw changes the cards
The player is given a chance of doubling the winning, provided that his hand was the strongest. Double means receiving another card that needs to be higher than the dealer’s.
Collect button takes the money after the win.
How much each combo is worth can be seen on the paytable.

Features of Double Poker


Getting a higher card than the dealer has is done by using this feature. The player can use this feature till the limit is reached or till his card is no longer higher than the dealer’s.

Rules of the Game

The highest combinations start from royal flash, four of a kind and straight flush, and are then followed by the full house and flush, straight. The last places are held by 3 of a kind, pair, and jacks or higher.

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