Dr Love On Vacation

So, where is the beloved Dr. Love? Looks like he has decided to go on vacation. His trip opens a really great opportunity for people who love to take a chance. A new scratch card game is based on his holiday excursions. Playing the game is simple and could possible open a door to winning a lot of money for the lucky scratcher.

The minimum wager with the online game is 20p per spin so even those with really limited budgets are able to play. Do you want to play for big money? If so, wagers of a maximum of £200 per spin are possible. Wagering high amounts creates the potential to win the maximum payout of a staggering £250,000. That is an amount that could change your whole life!

Wagering on the game is about as easy as can be. The “play” and “bet” buttons are pretty self-explanatory. If you wish to increase or decrease a bet on a subsequent play, the “up/down” button allows you to do so. The presence of the “reveal all” button is a nice touch. This function reveals any and all hidden symbols on the game. Hitting that button makes playing quite easy and fairly fast.

Probably the most intriguing of all buttons proudly displays the words “auto play”. With this button, you can preprogram the game to play a set number of games at a set bet for “x” amount of rounds in a row. For maximum simplicity and gaming comfort, the auto play function is perfect. No, it is not for everyone but those who like to speed through their scratch game experience will enjoy the feature immensely.

A few other buttons are present on the screen and they can help players navigate things. Hitting “home” takes you to the main menu and “setting” is where players access auto play an other features. Anyone wishing to learn the rules of play just has to hit the “info” button and all will be revealed.

All the instructions for how to play the game are easy to follow. Simply looking over the on-screen information tells you all that is necessary to play.

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