Play Dr Love SCRATCH

Dr Love is a brand new a scratchcard. Players are able to win up to £250,000 along with a maximum wager. They can even bet as little as £20 for every spin or up to £200 for every spin. Depending on how much a player bets on a spin, they can win and enjoy very valuable prizes.

To play Dr Love, a player must scratch the boxes on the card. If the revealed boxes display three symbols that are identical to each other, the player wins Dr Love. There is also a chance to win more than once during one Dr Love scratchcard. Players can win bonuses to be able to enjoy even more great prizes.

The player can receive the payouts however they want but the wins of Dr Love are always multiplied by the amount that is staked per card. This means that the more a player wagers or stakes, the more money or prizes they can win.

The rules of Dr Love SCRATCH are very simple and only involve a small number of buttons.

• PLAY starts the game
• BET let’s the player place the wager/stake
• UP/DOWN raises or lowers the player’s wager
• REVEAL ALL reveals all of the boxes on the scratchcard

• In order to reveal a box one by one, the player has to move the computer mouse in a swiping motion while clicking. This will reveal one hidden symbol each time.

The best way to play Dr Love is to use the AUTOPLAY button. This lets the player set a certain number of rounds which be played in a row. When the AUTOPLAY button is active, the PLAY button displays how many rounds that the player selected using AUTOPLAY. The PLAY button has to be clicked to stop the plays if the AUTOPLAY button is in use. Along with the PLAY button, the STOP button shows how many plays are remaining in the amount that the player selected from the start.


• HOME accesses the main casino menu
• SETTINGS can tell a player more about the AUTOPLAY feature along with more settings about the game, Dr Love
• INFO explains the rules of Dr Love
• The display screen of the game shows the player information including the player’s balance, the total bet that was wagered, and the amount of money that has been won

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