Emperors Garden SCRATCH

Among many others, Emperors Garden is a terrific scratchcard game. Players of Emperors Garden can win up to £1000 while the largest payout for a maximum wager is £250,000. Players can bet as low as £20 and as high as £200. One thing to consider before playing is that the payouts are in multiples of the wager so the higher a player bets, the more they can payout.

Emperors Garden is a wonderful game to play and the rules are very simple and to the point.

• Begin the game by pressing the PLAY button
• To bet a wager, a player should press BET along with the UP and DOWN buttons to adjust how much they want to bet
• The goal of Emperors Garden is scratch off three identical symbols to win a big cash prize
• There are two ways to reveal the hidden symbols in order to win. The first method is to press REVEAL ALL. This will reveal all of the boxes and their hidden symbols inside. The second method is to scratch off the boxes one by one by swiping the computer mouse. The method used is totally up to the player.
• It is possible to win more than one prize per one scratchcard.
• There is another way to play Emperors Garden as well. It is called the AUTOPLAY feature. This allows the player to preset a certain number of rounds to play in a row with all the same wager. The player should use the UP and DOWN buttons again to set the number of rounds they wish to play. The number of rounds that can be played range from 5 to 25. When AUTOPLAY is active, the only way it can be paused is by pressing the PLAY button. If the player wants to see the number of rounds remaining, they should press the STOP button. They can also reset AUTOPLAY from this point or continue playing their rounds until they are all completed


• The HOME button gives the player access to the main online casino menu
• The SETTINGS button explains more information about the AUTOPLAY button along with other settings about Emperors Garden
• The INFO button will explain the rules of the game in depth

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