Enchanted Woods

Enchanted Woods boasts of two additional features, called pick a toad and hold. It is a standard slot game with 5 reels that the player spins, 1 coin slot and 1 pay way. The aim of this game is to win that lucky combo across the pay way and earn a bit of cash. How much the player earns is dependent on the type of symbols found in the winning combo.

How to Play Enchanted Woods

Down and up buttons set the betting amount.
Play sets the reels in motion.
Hold holds the desired reel’s position.
The winning combos are held automatically.
Unlock retriggers every reel.
Continue sets those reels that are not held in motion.
A player can see how much he has won by looking at the win field.
The winning combos are highlighted throughout the reels.

Features of Enchanted Woods

Bonus Toad

As a scattered it can appear anywhere cross the reels and still form the winning combo, provided that at least two are displayed. 3+ bonus toads act as a pick-a-toad activator, unlocking the bonus game.
The wild symbol cannot replace it.

Pink Fairy

As a wild symbol, it replaces all others in order to form the win
This symbol is used to replace all the others, except for bonus toad. It can be found only on the second and fourth reels.
It cannot be used to form the winning string on its own.


As an option feature the player can choose not to use it.
This feature allows the player to stop the reels, all five of them, in a particular position that won’t be changed with the next spinning.
In case the player gets the winning combo after he has spun the reels for the first time, then the reels want change their positions for the next spin. However, if he wishes, he can change their position by unlocking them.

Pick a Toad

This feature is triggered when at least three bonus toads are scattered across the reels. The player can then win bonuses by uncovering three out of 10 toads, each randomly hiding a bonus. There is a possibility of earning 180 coins at most.

Rules of the Game

A player can staked just 1 coin per pay way.
The symbols need to be across the pay way, but not in order.
The payments are done in credits.
Multiplying the value of symbols with the whole amount wagered determines the scattered winnings.
Multiplying the coins won with the coin size selected determines the credits won.
In case of malfunction, the games are cancelled.

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