Eskimo Dough is a snowy slot play with snowy rewards and fluffy features. The slot is known for its out of the line bonus tables and minimal layout structure. It’s a game with no barriers and zero complications. Just like baiting fishes, the game can be rolled and something will get stuck on the line. 


The game of Eskimo Dough is pretty simple and is really pretty with all its snowy-icy background. To really feel the cold, the players have to dive deep into the slots and try rolling some symbols. Here everything is super easy and rewards can be churned within minutes. Eskimo Dough is set on a frozen lake and between some snowy mountain peaks, like Alaska or Siberia. The symbols consist of Alphabet Royals and Numerics. There are also yeti symbols for Wild and Bigfoot for the bonus. The score is really cold and it gives a real feel to the game. The symbols are colourful and it really syncs with the slot and layout.

Must Go Pots is the basic feature here. This comes under one of the five progressive jackpots features. The jackpots are guaranteed to be won before the specified amounts are reached but the lowest amount is 100 $ and the highest will be 1,000.

Bonus Features

Bonuses are the real bonuses. There are two bonus features here in Eskimo Dough. One is the Wild Round and the second one is Mystery Snowballs. By triggering the bonus, the players will be taken to a mysterious bonus round. Here it’s like finding something secretive about the yeti. Winning this can activate bonus winnings. The mystery snowball feature is like melting snowballs. When the snowballs melt, it reveals more rewards. How fabulous is it!


The game doesn’t look like it has everything. The features and bonuses are just to the minimum. There are no special reward features either. Still, the slot is a well built, interesting one. The minimalist element is the one which makes the slot (Well) minimal.

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