Roulette is developed by Gamevy (NYX). The game offers a wide range of features that make it perfect for both newbie and veteran players. More classic graphics, bonuses, and a wide range of bets make the game even more interesting and rewarding.

Roulette Features

Roulette offers a captivating user interface that brings to life the traditional Roulette table. The sound effects further contribute to the overall gaming experience. There are many options available to you, including:

Adjusting the game’s speed
Placing a wide range of bets
The autoplay option in the Expert Mode

The game has a simple gameplay. Just select the chips and place them on the table. What makes this game more special is its unique set of bets. All the different bets offer a distinct max bet. You should check the limit and place your bet.

You can place multiple bets at the same time to boost your odds of winning. So you can place a bet on a specific number, even or odd number, black or red colour, or even on the first or second half of the numbers on the wheel. This increases the chances of getting a win in different ways.

Graphics & Interface

Roulette has a stunning interface, featuring the traditional roulette wheel and table that come to life. All the casino sounds and graphics make you feel that you are playing the game in a real casino. The game is not just elegant to look at, it is also packed with a lot of features that provide a rich user experience.

Better Odds of Winning

European Roulette is different from its American counterpart in offering better odds of winning. Its betting patterns and rules are also slightly different. It is recommended to use the bonus offers from the online casino to learn about its rules and get used to its interface. This will help you prepare better to improve your chances of winning. The game has just 37 numbered slots to bet on. The standard roulette, on the other hand, features 38 slots thus having a higher house edge.

To Sum Up

European Roulette Gold delivers the perfect experience of classic roulette along with several betting options and bonuses. The ability to adjust the game’s speed further adds to the fun factor. This game offers better odds of winning compared to the standard version. You can also place exotic bets to further boost your winning chances.

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