European Roulette

European Roulette, equipped with 36 pockets and call bets, neighboring bets, bets track and a layout which is adjustable to the player’s preferences allows a player to try and guess where the ball will land.

How to Play European Roulette

Regular bets are placed by clicking the bet position found on the table.
Call bets, available only in the expert mode, are set automatically after the player has selected the desired call bet.
Neighboring bets are placed automatically on the neighboring numbers on the number that the player clicked on the Bets track.
The chip selection is used to set the size of the chips.
Spin sets the ball and wheel in motion.
To raise the bet amount, the player needs to press the bet he wishes to raise.
Holding a shift key and clicking on a particular bet will decrease its amount. This can also be used for removing the unwanted bet amount.
Rebet is used to set the same bet amount as previous game.
X2 rebet is used to set the double bet amount than previous game.
Clear bets is used to delete the bets from the table.
Undo is used for undoing the last change. Redo is used to change the undo process.
When the ball stops, and the player’s guess was right, the amount won appears inside a field called a WIN box.
Two modes exits: regular one (without any additional features) and expert one (additional features include: adjustable layout, Autoplay- setting a number of games to be played automatically, call bets, and neighboring bets).

Features of European Roulette

Adjustable bet layouts

The player can change the layouts of bets if he wishes to, either just for one game or for Autoplay mode. There is a possibility of adjusting up to eight betting layouts.

Bets Track

It allows the player to stake many bets, either call or neighboring, at the same time.

Inside and outside bets

Inside bets are the ones placed on the inside of the table layout. The numbers range from 00 – 36.
Inside bets include: line bet ( 2 rows next to each other with odds 5:1), straight-up (1 number with odds 35:1), street bet ( 3 numbers in a row with odds 11:1), square bet (a block of four numbers with odds 8:1),and split bet( 2 numbers which are found one next to the other with odds 17:1).
Outside bets are placed outside the layout of the table, for instance, on Black or on Red.
Outside bets include: dozen bet (on 12 numbers with odds 2:1), column bet (on a vertical column with odds 2:1) and even-money bet (on 18 numbers with odds 1:1).

Call bet

Call betting is done on one group of bets, when the player places his wager at the same time on all of the bets. Call bets is possible to use solely in the expert mode or together with the bet tracks.
These bets are: Tiers Du Cylindre, Les Orphelins, and Les Voisins Du Zero.

Neighbor Bets

The neighbor bets consist of the straight-up betting number which the player has chosen and two closest neighboring numbers, on both sides across the wheel. The player ends up betting on five numbers in total, i.e. placing 5 chips in total, one on each number.
The neighbor bets number is set to two, but this can be changed to the player’s liking.
Credits used here are the same as for the normal betting.

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