Extra Cash!!

From the name of this online casino game, it is difficult to know what type of game that it actually is. All it describes is the ability to make extra cash which should be appealing to everyone right off the bat. Well, here is an explanation of what Extra Cash!! is and how to play. Extra Cash!! is based on old school newspaper sales with unbelievable visual graphics and endless bonus features.

The reason why Extra Cash!! is one of the best games in the online casino industry is because it has an amazing theme where a player gets engulfed into another world, combined with many gameplay features that cannot be found in any other online casino game. Due to its broad name, Extra Cash!!, the designers of this game could have set theme with just about anything but they chose old school newspaper sales and everyone loves it!

Not only is the execution of this online casino game fantastic but he music, graphics, symbols, and special effects are unbeatable as well. All of the features within the game tempts a player to play for hours on end without stopping because they are so fun and seem to be endless.

How to Play
After a player knows what this game is all about, they should now know how to play it so they can dive right in! A player must remember the following commands in order to play Extra Cash!! Don’t worry, they are extremely simple!
• INFO – If the above description was not enough to describe the game of Extra Cash!! then click on the INFO button to check out even more information while scrolling through the screens.
• LINES: -/+ – These plus and minus buttons are available to adjust the number of playlines that a player wants to play. The minimum amount of playlines that are available to play is 1 and the maximum is 50.
• BET LEVEL: -/+ – These plus and minus buttons will also allow a player to choose the amount of bet denomination they would like.
• GAMBLE: This button will pop up after any winning spin. If pushed, it will take the player to a wonderfully famous bonus game within Extra Cash!!
• Rotating Arrows: These arrows can be clicked if a player wants to activate the Autoplay feature.
• PLAY: When the player is ready, they should press this button to start spinning the reels.

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