Foamy Fortunes

The aim of the Foamy Fortunes is to collect 3 multipliers by clicking on the bubbles. The obstacles are rubber ducks that are also hidden in the bubbles. They cost the player his life, i.e. the whole game, when 3 of them are uncovered.

How to Play Foamy Fortunes

The betting amount is set using down and up keys.
The winnings are seen in the win box.
A new card is given by clicking on the new card button.
All symbols bet uncovered by clicking on the reveal all key.
How much the player has earned in total can be determined by multiplying the entire wager with the multiplier won.
Solely one payout is done per card, the highest one.

Rules of the Game

Betting on multiple cards is not possible.
A rubber duck takes the player’s life.
3 rubber ducks finish the game.
3 matching multipliers result in the winning. The multiplier uncovered is used to multiply the wager in order to determine the winnings.
There’s a possibility of winning as much as the x10000 multiplier.
The payouts are done in credits.
Solely one payout is done per card, the highest one.
In case of technical issues, the games are cancelled.

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