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Forsaken Kingdom is an adventure of a lifetime. It is medieval themed with an amazing environment. Based on the very famous, Arthurian Legend, this 5 reel slot game has a fun yet dark setting that is extremely thrilling. Forsaken Kingdom is operated by Rabcat and is available at Roxy Place UK online casino.

The path of the game goes through very unique settings inspired by a huge Hollywood blockbuster. The plot of Forsaken Kingdom includes the knights gathering around the Round Table to release the power of Excalibur which will defeat the evil of the game. If the player does not defeat the evil that comes out of nowhere, they will not be able to save their loved ones. The best part about Forsaken Kingdom is that it takes skill to defeat the evil and it is based on the player’s bravery. Forsaken Kingdom is about honor. Time to put the knight’s armor on and get ready to fight in the battle of a lifetime!

Start the mission with a very dark environment and many challenges thrown when least expected. The evil is around every single corner and it is the player’s responsibility in this game to defeat it. The setting of Forsaken Kingdom is placed around a Round Table which is inspired by the fortune of the game. The player will have to bring 12 knights together around the Round Table by gathering very rare shield symbols. After the player collects each symbol, one more knight will sit around the Round Table. The Fortune feature of the Round Table starts immediately after the last knight takes a seat. One thing the player will need to make sure to look for is any Free Spins laying around. There are other features in Forsaken Kingdom including the Eternal Love feature, the Guinevere Stacked Wild feature, and the Epic Battle feature bonus. The highlight of the game climaxes at winning the Excalibur symbol.

The Forsaken Kingdom has awesome features, bonuses and opportunities to embark on. It has high quality visuals, graphics, sound effects, and animation. The realistic online casino environment allows anyone to enjoy a casino experience right from their home. The game is a a favorite to many players so visit Roxy Place UK to sign up for Forsaken Kingdom. Join the medieval world of Forsaken Kingdom where the player can escape from the real world and defeat real like evil within the game.

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