Foxin Win is an amazing scratchcard game with big prizes available. It even offers bonuses and free games. Scratchcards are probably the easiest and most rewarding game there is. Foxin Win is available online and looks like a normal scratchcard that one may pick up at a gas station or a grocery store. The online version is very simple and provides even more entertainment than an actual scratchcard.

Like a physical scratchcard, Foxin Win has the same idea. The purpose is to scratch away the coating on top of the boxes which hide brilliant prizes. Online Foxin Win is the exact same thing except a computer mouse is used to scratch away that first coating to reveal what is behind the boxes along with easy to use buttons for the game. Once those boxes are revealed, a player can find out how much money or prizes they have won!


• The easiest way to explain Foxin Win is: PLAY, BET, REVEAL
• The UP and DOWN buttons allow the player to bet higher or lower
• Bets for Foxin Win start at £20 and go all the way up to £200
• The REVEAL ALL button will scratch all of the boxes at the same time which will reveal all of the hidden symbols. This is the fastest way for a player to find out if they won anything
• Instead of using the REVEAL ALL button, a player can also use the computer mouse to swipe over the boxes one by one to reveal them
• If three symbols are revealed to be identical, the player has won Foxin Win SCRATCH. This can mean money, big prizes, or even more than one prize per scratchcard
• The amount of money or prizes that the player wins completely depends on how much they wager in the beginning because the winnings equals the value of the symbols times the amount the player bet. Basically, the more a player bets, the more they win

• The AUTOPLAY button allows the player to play a range of consecutive games: 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25
• During AUTOPLAY, the player can pause the rounds by pressing the PLAY button. This will also show how many rounds of the game are remaining

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