Beating the outlay of the traditional European Roulette, the French Roulette from Evolution Gaming is an exciting online game for the players.

With the use of advanced graphics, lively screen appearance and a rather French Inspired feature, the French Roulette Live boasts of a full packaged gaming experience.

French Roulette Live – Theme and Display

The French Roulette Live is designed with eyes on the French casino studios in Riga. With red and black as its base theme, the layout of this Roulette game is different from the standard European games. There are numbers on the tables paired with some bets which are written in French.

The outlay is quite fancy and grabs instant interest of the players.

Game Features and Rules

This single-zero French Roulette game treats the online gambling lovers with a treat of visual art and graphics! The chips are available from 1 to 100 but the minimum betting starts from 2. One can bet up to 50,000 wagers and play on bets. It has all the standard bets but the layout is different. On the left is the roulette and the betting table consist of low bets on the left and the high bets on the right. There is also space for the last winning numbers and options to undo bets, repeat or change the camera angles.
With each bet and spin, a player has a bright chance to make a decision and go for the thrill of playing French Roulette in its classic way!

Advantages for the players

The French Roulette Live from Evolution Gaming brings in the authentic casino vibe for the players. It has a low house edge and is very different from the regular European games. The HD streaming is excellent paired with the graphics to provide for a smooth experience and a delightful view to play with. There are new betting standards for the extra risk takers.


The French Roulette Live brings an online experience of playing Roulette in a casino to the players. With exceptional use of technology and lively graphics – the game claims to provide for single-zero roulette table to play on. There are high betting standards, display of the last wins and a very communicative outlay that makes delving into Roulette Gambling exciting.

The beautiful outlay and high-quality streaming elevate the experience of betting. Not to miss that you are going for a lot of winning on this classic game!

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