How To Play Frog Princess

Frog Princess is an online slot machine game where the theme is inspired by a very famous princess fairytale. The great thing about Frog Princess is even while the player is playing to make money, it does not feel like they are gambling. It simply feels like a fun game to play without the hectic casino environment. There are amazing bonus rounds and fun symbols throughout Frog Princess to bring out the excitement of the game. Whoever plays Frog Princess is guaranteed a fun, convenient, and comfortable environment the entire time.

Frog Princess is based on a favorite movie called, The Frog Prince. Most people know what this fairytale is about and even tell it to their children. Well, Frog Princess is a great way to bring out the child in the adults that play until they have to get back to the real world.

The graphics and visual quality of Frog Princess is extremely high making the experience even better than The Frog Prince. The use of colors brighten up the game without distracting the player. Most of the time, brilliant shades of green and blue are on the player’s screen.


• The Frog Princess involves symbols that are themed around animals including frogs, snails, and fish. Other symbols around the game fall in line with the animals very well including mushrooms, crystal balls, magic books, lily pads, and pink flowers. These lively symbols are what makes the game interesting.

• The feature that makes Frog Princess better than any other slot machine is that it does not use the common boring symbols including 10, J, Q, K, and Ace. The game spices things up with fun and entertaining symbols.

• The “wild” icon in this game is the Frog Princess herself. She is a female frog that wears a princess crown. This specific symbol increases the player’s odds of winning significantly because it can be substituted for any other symbol

• Another fun feature of Frog Princess is that when a player receives a winning combination, the symbols turn animated which produces special effects for the win. An example of this is the fish puckering up their lips for the player if they win.

• Even though the game of Frog Princess has many reels for slots, the display screen is not at all cluttered because of the gorgeous design

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