Blast is an online game which is the first one of its kind. Microgaming has launched it as a symbol-matching game where your basic goal is simply to connect at least three identical symbols and get paid.

Enjoy forming the clusters in Fruit Blast

After making a pack of identical symbols in Fruit Blast, it will form a Cluster of symbols which will be known as Meter Fillers. If these meters get filled then by clicking on the cluster symbols will transfer the images which will make space for new falling Fruit Bars.

These will help you to form more fruit cluster hence furnishing the additional Meter-Filler symbols. If you succeed in loading seven identical images into a Fruit Meter then you will be awarded a win.

In a succession of such activities, any Fruit Meter may get filled more than once. If this happens then the number of times the Meter gets filled is multiplied while awarding you the winning icon. Also, it shows a “No More Move” notice when no qualifying clustered symbols are left in the fruit machine.

Their are some Colored Bars which appear as the reel elements representing a Fruit. First one is the Red Bar depicts Cherries, the Purple Bar is for Grapes, the Light Green Bar represents the Lemon, the Dark Green Bar shows the Watermelon, and the Orange Bar is made for the Pineapple. All these symbols come with different multipliers which increase when the meter gets filled more than once.

Bonus Features

If you collect Star Symbols in Fruit Blast then you will advance to higher levels. These are collected by transferring Fruit Bar to any of the given Fruit Meters, as every time this loading takes place, you will be given a Progression Star symbol.

There are different levels in this game which offers you different cash prizes and multipliers. These Game Levels are depicted by a Bartender. Level 1 is known by the name Bartender Summer. If you will collect enough start symbols then it will increase your bonus and jackpot symbols. Also, additional regards can be won in some level specific bonus features. After completing Level 1 comes Level 2 (Hawaiian Shake) then the Level 5 (Dance Nights), Level 9 (Pick and Win), Level 12 (Goth a Fruit?), Level 13 (Happy Hour) and then finally Level 19 which is known as Side Dish.

Jackpot symbol is also there, landing it will award you a nice bonus prize which is equal to 1000 times of the bet you have make.

To sum up

Fruit Blast is a unique slot which allows you to have endless fun just by forming some cluster of symbols. As the level in the slot increases, the fun naturally increases, so you just need to be patient while you go on to build your pile of payouts from this slot.

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