Race the horses as Inspired gaming presents a concept of slots meeting horse races in Furlong Fortunes Sprint. It can be played at Jackpot Paradise. 

Game features

As the term ‘Sprint’ is mentioned in the name, the game suggests a combination of racing and gambling. Furlong Fortunes Sprint features a horse race theme throughout the game, which is reflected right from the background to the slots. A captivating soundtrack is played in the back which gives the true feel of a horse race. 

The loading screen features a racer with his horse, and the background in the base game displays a lush green garden, probably outside of the race track. The slot contains 5 reels and 3 rows and 20 paylines. Theme based characters are used as symbols in gameplay. Those symbols include the regular minor cards of A, K, Q and J along with the game logo and horse riders in three colours (red, green and yellow). 

Special features

The Wild card is a special feature. It contains a silver-colored horseshoe on a red background. Its importance in the game is high not only due to the fact that it matches the theme in the most apt manner, but also because it can replace all cards except the coins in a given slot. 

In the Boost screen feature, all the players are given the coins in a random manner. Such coins have a particular multiplying value assigned to them. When a particular player’s horse wins the race, his earnings can be increased by multiplying the current bet with the value on the coin. 

Bonus features

The Golden coins are considered as the bonus feature in Furlong Fortunes Sprint. When at least 6 coins land in the slot in one spin, the player earns a Race day bonus of 3 free spins. The coins remain in the same position while other symbols change. In such a respin, the player gets 3 chances termed as ‘life’ to land more free spins. The reels form newer combinations this way, and each time a coin appears, the lives left with the player resets to 3. If not so, by the end of the third spin the chances finish, and the player returns to the base game. 

Furthermore, by maintaining a race streak, that is, by winning more than one race back to back, any player can expand his earnings up to 1000 times the current odds. This is called the Streak bonus. 


Thus, a feature-rich slot, easy gameplay, and a fresh theme are what makes Furlong Fortunes Sprint popular among players and totally worth playing.

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