Gems Odyssey is a space-themed online video slot that features colourful gems that will play an important role in earning players rewards, free games and decent payouts. The concept behind this game is for players to land and blast clusters of matching symbols on the reels to earn a win. There are bonus features in this video slot that will help boost players earnings as well. Read on to learn more.

How To Play Gems Odyssey?

Gems Odyssey is a game created by Microgaming and can be played when players first place their bets. The betting range of this video slot is affordable with just 50p as the minimum bet and £20 for the maximum bet per game. This slot comes with a 5×5 reel format with a total of six gem symbols available on the reels.

To earn a win in this game, you need to land and blast a cluster of matching symbols on the reels. With each cluster win, you will fill up a corresponding gem bar situated on the side of the playing screen. A filled gem bar will lead to a level up, the activation of a bonus feature or the award of multipliers/payouts depending on which one of the six gem bars are filled.

The Nebula Gem And Level Up Bonus Features

Players can play a Level up bonus feature when they land and blast a particular cluster of matching gems. With every cluster win, a player will earn a point. When enough points are earned, the player will move up a level. Gems Odyssey also has a Nebula gem feature where landing clusters of the Nebula gems will lead to any one of the Common, Rare, Epic or Mythical awards being earned. With each reward received a player’s stock rises until the player moves up to a higher level and earns a payout at the end of the day.

The Jackpot And Second Chance Features

With the Jackpot Feature players can earn a massive multiplier of 1,000x their staked amount when a cluster of jackpot symbols are landed and blasted off the reels. On the other hand, a Second Chance Feature will be triggered randomly whenever a player does not land a cluster win. Here players will get a free game and a second chance to earn a cluster win, but there are no third chances in Gems Odyssey.

To Sum Up

This video slot has quite a few bonus features to boost your overall payouts. Players can look forward to a slot with great graphics and an exciting gameplay. By having a low minimum betting amount, this slot is quite liked by low rollers.

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