Gold Factory

The main aim of Gold Factory is to enable the player earn some money by spinning 5 reels and getting the winning combo across one of 50 available pay ways. This 1000-coin slot game is equipped with several additional features, such as free spins, gold factory and rector. How much the player earns is proportionate to the type of the symbols found in the winning combo.

How to Play of Gold Factory

Line number is for adjusting the number of lines. Select lines is for raising the number of Line number is used to choose how many pay ways a player wishes to use in the game.
Select lines is used to raise the amount of pay ways.
-and+ buttons are used to choose the coin size.
-and+ in the coin field are used to adjust the bet amount.
Bet max is used to raise the bet amount to its maximum.
Spin is used to spin the reels.
Win box is used to show how much a player has won from a winning string, which will be highlighted across the reels.
Expert mode has additional features, including autoplay, which allows a player to play a number of games automatically without interacting with the software. The player needs to set the betting amount prior to activating the autoplay option.
Game statistics are recorded only for the current game.

Features of Gold Factory

Bonus Coin

It is a scatted symbol found anywhere across the reels. It forms the winning combo when at least two of them are displayed. 3+ of them act as a bonus game activator, unlocking the gold factory.
The wild symbol cannot replace it.

Gold Factory

As a wild symbol, it is used to replace all the others, except for bonus coin. It forms the winning combo when at least two of them are found across the pay way.

Gold Factory

3+ bonus coins scattered across the reels trigger this feature, where the player can earn 619000 coins at most, by selecting 4 containers (there are 12 in total). These containers hide bonuses, free spins or reactors (another bonus game). Once the player gets one of these bonus games, he goes back to selecting other containers.

Free Games

This feature gets triggered when the player uncovers the free spins symbol while playing the gold factory. The player then is rewarded with spins free of charge , the amount of which is displayed across the screen.
The betting/ pay way rules of the triggering spin apply here as well.
A player can unlock other bonus games while in the free spin mode.


The uncovered reactor symbol found in the bonus game, gold factory, triggers this feature. The player then wins bonuses by uncovering 12 chambers. The malfunction ends the game. The multiplier is used for each uncovered bonus. This multiplier applies on the entire wager.

Rules of the Game

20 coins at most can be staked on each pay way.
The player receives the winnings only from the highest paying string.
Winnings from the scattered strings and bonus games are combined with the regular winnings.
Paytable displays the amount won for each string, whereas the whole sum that a player receives will be directly linked to how much he wagered on each pay way.
The amount that the player won in coins is multiplied by the amount that he staked for each payline in order to calculate the regular winnings.
All symbols need to be on the pay way, ordered in a line, and starting from the 1st reel, in order to be able to form the winning string. This is not valid for the scattered symbol.
The amount won from the scattered symbol string is multiplied by the amount placed as a regular bet so to calculate the scattered winnings.
Coins covert to credits through this formula: amount of coins x coin size = credits.
The games and pays will be cancelled, in case of malfunction.

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