Blackjack Grand VIP Live, commonly termed as twenty-one, is one amongst the most sought-after casino games played across the globe. This multi-player game (which mainly allows 7 players to partake in the game at one time) is based on the cards comparison between ‘the house’ i.e. dealer and all the players which means users don’t compete with one another. The Grand VIP Live Blackjack comes with some basic rules as per which the players are only required to get cards that make up a total of more than the house. In order to obtain blackjack, the player must have the first two cards whose value sums up 21.

Insurance Offered at Grand VIP Live

If your dealer has got an ace, you would be provided with a choice to buy insurance to counterbalance the risk of your dealer having an ace card – even when you’re having a blackjack. The amount set for insurance is as much as half of your stake amount and the same have to be paid separately than your bet.

The dealer then put his cards down to check if he has got a blackjack. The game continues if the dealer has no blackjack, however, if the dealer has blackjack and you have not, you will lose that particular round of Grand VIP Live game. In case, both the dealer and a player are lucky enough to have got a blackjack, the game ends therein and the amount of your main bait is returned to you. Make sure that the players are provided with an opportunity to buy insurance unless the dealer has got a 10 or face card in hands.

Double Down, Hit or Stand

If the dealer discovers that he doesn’t have blackjack cards upon checking the first two cards, you’ll be provided with an opportunity to increase the value of your cards. If players don’t have blackjack, they can choose to Double Down which means the players have to double up their bet amount and would be given an extra card. Alternatively, players can choose to hit the option to obtain extra cards until they feel they have got better cards which can make them win the Grand VIP Live. Note that if the total of your initial two cards is more than 21, you would lose the game.

Summing Up

If you are an all-time thrilling casino games fan, Grand VIP Live Blackjack is just the game to try your hands on.

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