Suppose you were to take such disparate games as roulette and slots and somehow combine them. The result of this experiment would be something like the Great Rhino Roulette Live!

Made by Extreme Live Gaming, it has a live roulette room with enough fast-paced action to tire a racehorse, as well as the simplicity and sweetness of an actual slot. Read on for a detailed overview.

Have Great Fun With Great Rhino Roulette Live!

Clicking on the portal of the Great Rhino Roulette Live is an experience never to be forgotten! The backdrop features a sweeping Savannah scene, before which stands the attractive live dealer. The roulette table is positioned before her, and the betting area takes up lots of bottom screen real estate.

Positioned above the main betting area is a miniature slots reel set. This spins up whenever the roulette wheel spins. However, betting on the featured slot reels is not compulsory in Great Rhino Roulette. Players can instead stick to playing roulette if that’s what the spirit moves them to.

The wheel in Great Rhino Roulette Live is the European rather than the American version. As you might know, American wheels have two rather than one zero pockets, thereby increasing the house edge to no good purpose.

Helpfully, a game statistics box is provided near the roulette wheel. Here, players can sight the last 8 slot or roulette winning numbers. These hot and cold numbers serve as guides that can enable players to know just which number Lady Luck favours the most!

As previously stated, the Great Rhino Roulette Live is a live dealer game. There is a live chat function provided to solve any of your queries while playing the game.

Final Thoughts

The Great Rhino Roulette Live is definitely unlike most Roulette variants on the market. it is a blend of sweet and sour that does wonders to the palate, and makes great sense for Roulette players looking for fast-paced action. It’s well detailed, good for all needs, offers a wide variety of fun and action and is definitely worth getting sweetly acquainted with!

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