Great Czar

As a 5-reel, 30-payline and 150-coin slot game, Great Czar has everything a player can wish for. Enriched with an additional feature, free spins, as well as with the wild scattered symbols, a player has high chances of winning that lucky string of symbols that will bring him money. The amount he wins will be directly linked to the type of symbols he gets.

How to Play Great Czar

A player uses down and up buttons to adjust the bet.
A player presses the paytable to choose the bet amount.
A player presses bet one on case he wants to raise the bet amount.
A player presses bet max in case he wants to set the bet amount to the maximum.
A player presses spin to spin the reels.
Win is used to display the amount won.
The winning combo is highlighted across the reels.
Autoplay, found only in the casinos which are equipped with the extra mode, sets a number of games to be played automatically without the need to interact with the software. The player decides how many games he wishes to play either by using a stop button or he presets the number prior to the game start. He also needs to set the bet amount prior to using the Autoplay.
Statistics display the data from the current game. They are cleared after the player exits the game.

Features of Great Czar


Crown is a scattered symbol which can be found anywhere across the reels. It can form a winning string when at least 3+ of them are scattered across the reels. It also serves as a free spin activator, triggering the bonus game when 3+ of them are displayed.
This is the only symbol that the shield cannot replace.


As a wild symbol, it replaces all others to form the winning combo. This does not apply to the symbol of the crown. It doesn’t form the winning combos by itself.

Free Spins

This feature gets triggered when three crowns are found scattered throughout the reels. The player is then rewarded 90 spins free of charge and x90 multiplier at most. How many multipliers and free spins he gets is determined by the player himself.
Symbol stacks are created by the king, while the wild symbol stacks are created by the shield.
This feature cannot be retriggered while the player is using it.
The betting/paylines rules are the same as the ones valid for the spin that activated free spins.

Rules of the Game

A player is allowed to place just five coins on every payline.
The games will be cancelled if the site experiences technical difficulties.
Just one payout is paid on every payline, the highest one, if there are a few winning strings. This rule is not valid for a scattered winning, which is combined with the regular ones. Bonus winnings are also put to this pile.
All symbols have to follow the left-right rule, but for the scattered symbol.
How much a player wins is multiplied with how much he stakes on a payline in order to calculate the total amount of the regular winnings, whereas scattered winnings are determined by multiplying the value of the scattered string with the entire amount staked.
How many credits a player wins is calculated by multiplying the entire number of won coins with the selected coin size.

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