Hand to Hand Combat

This card game is instant win and involves playing a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, against another player. The player will select a card from which to start playing the game. Five separate games will be played on each card. Every single game will contain three specific panels that predict the results of the game. The player’s symbol will appear on the first panel, the particular multiplier value will show up on the second panel, and the other player’s symbol will appear on the third panel.

How to Play Hand to Hand Combat

The game follows the structure of the classic Rock, Paper Scissors game.
Scissors will win over paper.
Paper will win over rock.
Rock will win over scissors.
Players start by deciding the amount to be bet on a single game. The player will select the “+” icon to increase the bet or the “-“icon to decrease the bet. The credit amount being played on each card will equal the total amount being bet. This amount will be changed by the multiplier value that shows up in each game being played.
A new card representing five games will be shown upon clicking the new card icon. Each game will contain three panels that will decide the outcome of the game as a win or a loss.
The scratch panels are pushed to display what symbols are underneath. Any symbol that wins over the opponent’s symbol will result in a payout according to the game’s structure. These are put into the win box. Any symbol that loses to the opponent’s symbol will end the game and another game may be played.

Features of Hand to Hand Combat

The overall design of the game is rather simple and features a game containing three panels, five games per selected card. The symbols in the game include the rock symbol, the paper symbol, and the scissors symbol on the player’s panel. There is also a multiplier value in the second panel and the same three game symbols in the opponent’s panel.

Rules of the Game

Players will only be allowed to place a bet on one single card at any given time.
Each card will contain a total of five games to be played. Each game will contain three panels that determine the game’s outcome.
The result of the game will be determined by classic Rock, Paper, and Scissors rules. Scissors will win against paper, rock will win against scissors, and paper will win against rock.
Each game allows the player to win up to 100 times their bet amount with the multiplier value.
Any malfunction occurring in the game will result in the cancellation of all payouts and all plays.
When a player wins, the multiplier value that is shown will be awarded to the win box.
Every game will be paid out based on the multiplier for that game only.
The total amount won in a game is based on the player’s amount that is bet multiplied by the specific multiplier value.
All game winnings are paid out as credits to the player.

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