Hells Grannies

This is an online slot machine game that offers players 5 reels and 25 paylines, and is a 500 coin game. Some of the features in this game include the scatter symbol, the wild symbol, and also the free spins game.

How to Play Hells Grannies

The objective of this game is to spin the game’s reels so that a winning a combination is formed on a selected payline. The specific winning combination that is formed will determine the payout to the player.
The player selects the amount of paylines to be played. This is done by selecting the lines “+” or “-“icons to increase or decrease the number of activated paylines.
The player can enable the maximum number of paylines available by clicking the max icon.
To place a bet, the bet “+” or “-“icons are used to increase or decrease the player’s bet amount.
A maximum bet can be wagered by clicking the max icon. This will instantly bet the maximum number of credits allowed and the game will automatically start playing.
Otherwise, the player will click the spin icon to start the game. With this, the reels will start spinning.
If a winning combination is formed, it will be highlighted on the game’s reels and the player will have the winning amount displayed in the win box.
If no winning combination is hit, the game will be over and the player can start over.

Features of Hells Grannies


Wild symbols in this game are represented by the Motto symbol. This symbol will automatically double the payout of any winning combination that it completes as a wild symbol. It will also create its own payout when wild symbols are aligned in an enabled payline, but these payouts are not doubled. The wild symbol will not substitute for the scatter symbol in the game.


The Hells Grannies Logo symbol represents the scatter symbol in the game. This symbol will complete a winning combination by two or more scatter symbols appearing on the reels of the game. If 3 or more scatter symbols are present on the game’s reels during a spin, the free spins bonus game will be activated. This symbol cannot replace any wild symbol in the game.


Free Spins bonus game is activated when three or more scatter symbols appear on the reels during a spin in the game. The objective of the bonus game is to spin the tire to win a multiplier and free spins combination. All paylines and bets that are played during the bonus game will be identical to bets and paylines from the initial spin that activates the bonus game. The player is able to re-activate more free spins during a bonus game. In other words, if the players hits three or more scatter symbols during a free spin, the tire can be spun at the end of the free spins to gain even more free spins in the bonus game.

Rules of the Game

Players can only bet one coin per payline.
With wild symbols, only one winning combination is possible per payline. If more than one winning combination appears on a payline, only the highest winning combination is paid out.
Scatter wins are added to regular wins. If the player has a scatter win and a regular win, both wins will pay out.
During the free spins bonus game, winnings will be automatically collected. Scatter and bonus wins will be added to the regular wins.
Any malfunction will void all plays and payouts from the game.

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