The game explained here is a special grid game that consists of hexagonal symbols of different colors that will line up to create various winning combinations. The game contains a number paylines that create wins horizontally and also a bonus game to increase the potential to earn payouts.

How to Play Hexaline

The player first starts out by placing the desired bet. This is done using the “+” and “-“ symbols to increase or decrease the preferred coin size before starting.
The game will start by clicking the play button.
Any combination that is a winner will be displayed on its payline, and that particular group of symbols will disappear from the grid. Randomly colored symbol then fill the empty sections. If any of these random symbols create another winning combo, that will result in extra wins without any cost. All wins are tallied and then added to the win box.
In addition, any symbols right next to a win combo that match their neighboring symbol will be included in the payout at a certain value.
A special symbol is featured in the game called the Wild Hex symbol. This symbol is wild and will complete winning combos by acting as a substitute for normal symbols. However, it does not replace the game’s bonus symbol.
If a player manages to land 3 or more Bonus symbols on the game’s grid, it will initiate the bonus game at the end of the session.
No winning combos means the game will end and the player is free to start another game.

Features of Hexaline


The main feature of the game is its bonus game, started when at least 3 bonus symbols appear on the spaces of the grid. Players will select symbols from the column in order to reveal bonus wins that are randomized. One such possible symbol is the Move Back symbol, with which the player will obtain a bonus win and then the game will stop. Move On and Move Back symbols are also included.
The Move Back symbol causes the player to win a certain bonus and then go back to the previous column to play again.
The Move On symbol does a similar process, only the player will then progress to the next column instead.
The most rewarding symbol offered in the bonus game is the Win All symbol. Like its name suggests, this symbol will reward the player with every amount from every column.
The bets that a player uses during the initial game will lock in at the same value for the bonus game. Bonus wins are automatically multiplied, so only the bonus win amount will show up on the screen.

Rules of the Game

In order to win, matching symbols must be aligned in a consecutive fashion and appear horizontally.
A winning combo must happen from the left of the game to the right of the game. An entire horizontal row must be filled, from the first to the last.
Any payout that the player receives will be in the form of credits.
If there is an error within the game, this cancels out all wins.

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