Hot Shot

This game is a five reel and nine payline online slot machine. It is a nine coin slot machine. It features a wild symbol and a scatter symbol.

How to Play Hot Shot

The player starts by selecting the amount of paylines to be played. This is done by selecting the line number on which to bet.
In order to increase the number of paylines to be enabled, the player can click the select lines button to do so.
Concerning placing a bet, the coin size can be changed by increasing with the “+” icon or decreasing with the “-“ icon.
The actual number of coins to be bet on a game can be adjusted by using the coins “+” or “-“ icons.
The maximum amount of coins permitted can easily be bet by utilizing the bet max button. This will increase the number of coins to the game’s limit and the game will start automatically.
To start a game without using the bet max feature, the spin button is clicked to start the spinning of the reels.
If a winning combination is formed on any enabled payline, that win will be highlighted on the reels and the win amount will awarded to the player in the win box.
If no winning combination happens during the course of a game, the game will end and the player has the option to start a new game.

Features of Hot Shot


The wild symbol featured in the game is represented by the Wild Ball symbol. This allows any winning combination to be completed by the use of a wild in the same payline as the other symbols. This symbol only appears on the second, third, and fourth reels of the game, so a regular symbol must start the combination on the first reel. This symbol does not create its own unique winning combination when multiple symbols are aligned within an enabled payline. Also, this symbol will not substitute for the scatter symbol in any situation.


The game’s scatter symbol is represented by the Scatter Trophy symbol. When three or more of this symbol appear on the reels in any position, a scatter win combination is formed. The regular amount of coins bet on the game will be multiplied by the payout of the scatter combinations and will be awarded to the player in the win box. This scatter symbol cannot be replaced by the wild symbol in any situation in the game.

Rules of the Game

The player can only bet one coin per payline in the game.
All winnings are paid out in the form of coins.
Only the highest winning combination on each enabled payline is paid out to the player, with the exception of scatter win combinations.
Scatter wins will pay out regardless of position on the reels and are added to the player’s regular wins.
Any regular wins will be paid out left to right on the reels. Because of this, a symbol in the combination must appear on the first reel to complete the win. The winning symbols must occur in a consecutive manner.
In the event of a game malfunction, all payouts and plays will be voided.

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