House of Dragons

This game is an online slot machine game that contains five reels and twenty paylines. It is a two hundred coin slot machine. It features a wild symbol and also a wild symbol that works as a multiplier. In addition, the games offers a scatter symbol and an Archery bonus game to players.

How to Play House of Dragons

To begin the game, the player will select the number of paylines to be bet on by clicking the lines button.
The player will then determine the coin size to use by clicking the “+” icon to increase coin size or the “-“ icon to decrease coin size.
Clicking the coins button allows the player to increase the total number of coins to be bet on a particular game.
A bet max option is available that allows the maximum amount of coins to automatically be wagered on a game. Upon using this feature, the game will be started instantly.
Without the bet max being used, the game can be started by clicking the spin button to get the reels going. If a winning combination falls on an enabled payline, the win will be displayed to the player and that amount will be added to the win box.
In the event that no winning combination is formed, the game will end and the player has the option to start a new game.

Features of House of Dragons


The Master symbol serves as the game’s wild symbol. It will complete any winning combination and also create its own combination when multiple symbols line up in a selected payline. This symbol will not replace, the wild multiplier, the scatter, or the Bow symbol during the game.


The game also features a wild multiplier symbol that is represented by the Dragon symbol. As with the normal wild, it will complete any winning combination on an enabled payline. It also doubles the win amount as a multiplier. This symbol can create its own winning combination, but those winnings will not be doubled. It will not substitute for any other symbol in the game.


The Fan symbol is the game’s scatter symbol. When three or more Fan symbols appear on the reels, a scatter win is created. Additionally, the winnings can be multiplied if a fan shows a multiplier value as well. The player wins the total of all values revealed. This symbol cannot be replaced by the other symbols in the game.


If three or more Bow symbols appear on an enabled payline, the Archery bonus game is activated. During this game, the player has the potential to win up to a 4x multiplier value on the original win amount. This is done by selecting a target to reveal what multiplier value is won. The player has the option to play this game or simply collect winnings and return to the normal game.

Rules of the Game

Up to ten coins can be wagered on each enabled payline.
Only the highest winning combinations are paid out on each payline. This does not apply to the scatter wins.
Scatter wins will pay out regardless of the positioning on the reels.
Regular winnings are paid out from the left to the right, so a winning combination must at least appear on the first reel. All symbols must be right next to each other to complete the win.
Malfunctions during the game will cancel out any payouts and plays.

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