How To Play Irish Eyes 2 Scratchcard


Online scratchcards is undoubtedly the most fun and exciting way to earn big, and Irish Eyes 2 is the epitome of online scratchcards entertainment. Online gamers who are feeling lucky and don’t mind taking risks should play Irish Eyes 2 to test their luck.

How To Play

Like traditional paper scratchcards, online scratchcards keeps prized items hidden in containers beneath silver sealers which then need to be scraped in order to be uncovered. Players then must match 3 emblems in order to win the game. To obtain the double prize in Irish Eyes 2 players should aim to get the pot emblem.
Online scratches is relatively straight forward and with Irish Eyes 2 it is especially simple when players take advantage of two of the game’s most helpful features: REVEAL All and AUTOPLAY.

Reveal All

After a player pushes PLAY to initiate the game they are immediately after able to set their bet by pressing UP/DOWN to boost or decrease the total amount of the stake. Players can also discover what all the emblems on all the cards are immediately by utilizing the REVEAL ALL button. It is also possible to take things slow and methodical, much like with a normal paper scratchcard, and with the help of their mouse players can uncover the concealed emblems one immediately following the other to find out which special item they have earned.

The AUTOPLAY function is an additional step-around. This feature encourages players to participate in a multitude of games repeatedly without worrying about halting in between to restart their bets. By using AUTOPLAY, players end up with the ability to set up the number of successive games which can be suspended at any moment in time by the PLAY button. Furthermore, if a player simply pushes the STOP button they will be free to view exactly how many AUTOPLAYs they now have remaining. To receive access to the casino’s main menu click HOME. Additionally to access the settings page and to see the AUTOPLAY options, players should press SETTINGS.

Maximum Achievable Return

When the players have the highest possible wager with Irish Eyes 2 they will be qualified for the the highest compensation per round, which is £250,000. At highest possible stake the greatest return attainable for each spin is £250,000. The preceding highest possible return leaves out the stake. The payouts are at all times multiples of the stake the player has established. Any associated bonus event return is extraneous to the earlier mentioned highest possible return for each spin.

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